Tricks to learn vocabulary using root words part -1

Learn tricks for vocabulary for SSC, Bank and other competitive examination part-1 

tricks to learn vocabulary

we all know without good vocabulary, it is very difficult to crack exams nowadays because vocabs are being asked in different forms.

  • Direct questions
  • Passages
  • Essay and letter writing
  • Interviews
so basically everybody wants to build a good vocabulary but the only method most people have is remembering. there is a limit in remembering things because your brain starts losing things after 1 hour of remembering and if someone wants to retain things then he has to revise that again and again.

Why learning using the root words is the best method?

when you take a competitive examination, you probably find at least one vocab question which you have never heard of. so what are the possible options to guess the answer to the question. there is no option other than eliminating other options but if you learn vocabulary using root word. it will be 70% chance to find the correct answer.

How to learn vocabulary using root words?

many of you may already know this way of learning vocabulary but there is a problem. an English word may contain three different parts-
  • prefix
  • suffix
  • Root words
so what most of the writer do is they only tell about prefix or the other two at a time. so we try to memorize word using prefix or suffix only.

for example--- BENEDICTION

here Bene means good and dict means speak. so the meaning of the word is speaking good or a prayer asking for blessing/good

so now when you will see these prefix and suffix in a new word, you can easily guess relevant meaning quickly.

so now, I think you have understood what I want to say. ok, now we will see today's words with their prefix, suffix and root words.

BENE - good, well
1.Benediction - A prayer asking for the divine blessing. 
bene - good and dict - speak

2.Benefactor - a person who gives money to other people for a cause 
factor - a circumstance

3.Benevolence - the quality of being well, kindness

4.Benefice - doing good or favor 
fice -do

5.Beneficial - resulting in good 

Now every day you will get 5 new words with their roots. if you like this post then share it

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