How to prepare General Studies (GS) for SSC CGL and Bank?

                  Best way to prepare GS for SSC CGL

     How to prepare General Studies GS for SSC CGL and Bank?

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                        today I am going to tell you that how to prepare GS for upcoming SSC CGL exams. As you all know that most of the student prepare for Maths, English and Reasoning for SSC CGL but nobody cares so much about General Studies. 

So basically in 2017,  main competition is in General Studies. According to the teachers and students, GS was the main factor that many students, who were very good in Quantitative aptitude, English and Reasoning couldn't score decent marks. 

So all I want to say that if you want to survive in this era of increasing competition then you have to focus on general studies. It is not that  tough as you think. Students usually think that there is a lot of books for general studies and each book contains thousands of facts. Student think how can they remember all those facts till their SSC exam. Scientifically you can do that if you follow proper strategy and consistency.

According to the scientific experiments, our mind start forgetting things after 1 hour. 
We forget 50% of what we remember just after 1 hour and after 1 day we forget almost 90% of what we remember. So basically our learning technique is totally depend on this scientific experiment. 

Memory Decay Curve

What you have to do to prepare GS is to follow simple steps below-

Best method to prepare General Studies (GS) - If you are confused

Step 1- Open your General Studies' book and choose one subject like Geography, history or              polity. Let you choose geography and history.

Step 2- Read/remember a chapter carefully. 

Step 3- When you complete the chapter, close the book and try to remember what you read in your mind. Check what you forget.

Step 3- Now remember a different chapter from different subject. For example if you choose geography first then read history. IT is to distract your mind so we can check capability of brain.

Step 4- Now revise the chapter from the subject you have remembered earlier i.g. Revise the chapter from geography. 

Step 5- After revising, close the book and try to remember what you read in your mind then check what you forget.

Step 6- Just after 24 hours revise the chapter from Geography again and after revising, close the book and try to remember things.

Step 7- After 7 days revised that chapter from Geography again and follow the same steps. 

Step 8- After 15 days revise that chapter again.

Step 9- After 30 days again do the same. 

Step 10- Revise the chapter after 60 days

After 2 month you will find things in that chapter on your tongue. You just have to remember a chapter 5 times. 

If you want to calculate your time required to cover all books of GS you have follow the method. 
Suppose - depend on your speed - you read chapter in 2 hours and on average, there is 15 chapters in a book and the number of books you have is 7 or 8 . multiply them 15x7= 105 days. 
In 3 month you will complete all syllabus and because of that technique, you will not forget a single fact.

Number of questions asked in GS every year (topic wise)

GS Topics20102011201220132014

Current Affairs,Games
Indian History0506050605
These are the questions asked in previous SSC CGL exams in GS section. you can analyse which topic is more important than others. The topic which has maximum number of questions every year should be your priority. you will complete that topic first. as you can see history and geography has number of questions more than 5 every year except 2013. 

Check all the questions of general studies asked in previous year exams remember them as it is seen that SSC repeat questions every year

Final words

So the conclusion is this if you follow the above technique with these subjects then surely you can do good in general studies and I think this is the best method to prepare GS if you want to cover all areas.

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