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Best Books For SSC CGL exam

Complete list of Best Books For SSC CGL exam

Best Books For SSC CGL exam

Finding best books for SSC CGL every subject is a very confusing task. by seeing a book you can't tell whether it is good or not unless somebody tells you about the book perhaps SSC CGL aspirant or a teacher. 

Definition of best book vary person to person. for example if you are good in maths and know all the formulas and tricks then you need question banks to practice and in case you are not familiar with all formulas and tricks then you should go for books that helps you with tricks and formula ask. 

So main point is your abilities. 

We have provided a complete list of best SSC CGL exam books for both type of students. 

Popular Books for SSC CGL exam - if you are in dilemma 

If  you can't decide which books are best for SSC-CGL, then answer is here. Firstly, explore your needs and your current knowledge.

  • SSC CGL Books according to the subjects.
If you are good in one subject then probably you are seeking good books for subjects left.below is the list of good books for every subject according to your convenience..All "BUY" links are of because i think amazon has a good and fast return policy- in case your books are not in good condition.   

Maths Books for SSC CGL  

Your Maths LevelBest Books for SSC CGL Maths PDFAmazon
Start fromNCERT books (Maths)Download NCERT Maths link below
Practice itQuantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations (R S Aggarwal) ORLINKBuy
Arihant’s Fast Track Objective Arithmetic
Mathematics by Rakesh Yadav

More PracticeMagical Book On Quicker Maths by M Tyra
Quantum Cat by Arun Sharma

What was your experience with maths in past years. You like it? 

Everyone doesn't love Maths but if you are SSC-CGL  student then you have to. Don't worry if you are not comfortable then start with simple maths books. Revise NCERT books from class 8th to Class 10th. These books will help you in maths. Practice them is these books will not take more than 30 days. 

Okay you love math. So what? prove it

If you like maths then it is easy for you in SSC CGL to gain good marks. Honestly speaking, I recommend two books. 

1- quantitative maths by RS Aggarwal
2- advanced Mathematics by Rakesh Yadav

First book in the list is very well known to all of you and second is written by Rakesh Yadav who is very famous maths teacher in New Delhi (paramount Coaching Centre). Toppers prefer this book so you may purchase that and if you want handwritten class notes by Rakesh Yadav then you can purchase that from Flipkart and Amazon. Don't go for any other books because these two are sufficient for you for SSC CGL exam.

Your level of comfort with math will decide which books are suitable for you.

English Books For SSC CGL 

Best books for SSC CGL English  PDFAmazon
Objective General English by S P Bakshi (Arihant)LinkBuy
English book by Neetu Singh
Objective English for Competitive Examinations

Are you scared of English?
Many people scared of English because they think it is very vast subject with hundreds of rules in English Books and not every rule apply at all the places but exceptions. So sometimes it becomes very confusing and leads a student to the notion that English is a tough subject if you have such notion then you should read this post which may help you understanding subject SSC CGL. 

Practice the important topics to get maximum marks.
 As you all know for English, Objective English by SP Bakshi is very famous and all of you should read it but I also recommend you book written by Neetu Singh Paramount, kd campus. Well organised sets of rules are given in the books so you may try it. but before reading SP Bakshi, you should go for English by Neetu Singh because you can easily understand things there. she has described all the types in a organised way.

second thing i want to say is that try to get notes from coaching like Paramont or KD campus. you can get them on internet. i'm saying this because they provide exam oriented class notes. so you can play this card. 

Make your vocabulary section a strong. 

Synonyms antonyms idioms and phrases and one word substitution for the topic which come in SSC CGL exam for sure. You have to keep proper,command over vocabulary section. 

Tips for exams-- 

check all synonymsantonymsidioms and phrases and one word substitution asked in previous year exams as most of them repeat often.

 >>Want to learn English Vocabulary words fast Click here
Check out good vocabulary book

General Intelligence & Reasoning Books For SSC CGL exam Tier 1 

Best Books for SSC CGL ReasoningPDFAmazon
Analytical Reasoning by M K Pandey
Verbal and Nonverbal Reasoning by R S AggarwalPDFBuy
New Approach to Reasoning Verbal, Non-Verbal & Analytical by B S Sijwali, Indu Sijwali

Reasoning is not very tough but depends on factors like your brain sharpness and experience with problems. it is a section, in which you should have good because most of the students are.

If you think you don't have that much brain then i suggest you to practice more and more.
solve different problems from different books so you can cover all expected types of question come in SSC CGL.
General Awareness/GK Books For SSC CGL

Now you guys are going to appear in SSC CGL exam next year so I want to tell you one thing that his previous years if one has good understanding in Maths, English and reasoning then he could pass the exam with sufficient knowledge of GS and GK. but now a days 6 students out of 10 have good command over maths, English  and reasoning.

So all I want to say is that you have to prepare GK if you want to cross the exam in this cut-throat competition.

Manorama Yearbook 2017 
Manorama Yearbook 2016 (Hindi)
Lucent’s General Knowledge 2015 LINKBuy
Lucent’s General Knowledge (Hindi)LINKBuy

Go for SSC CGL Solved And Practice Test Papers

Reading theories is not enough for preparation of any competitive exam after reading the theory you should check whether you can apply your formulas and tricks on the questions given in practice papers and question banks.

 Actually I think that you should solve the questions related to topic just after completion of a topic because I think it will make your question grabbing power strong And when you will complete all the topics then again solve the questions in miscellaneous exercises

So I think that Kiran Publication has provided solved question bank for each subject. Though there are a lot of errors in this type of books but I think you should mind this thing.

One thing i want to say that before starting the study, you should have a look on last 10 years question papers so you can assume which type of question ask in ssc cgl exam and what is the frequency of the questions.

Full-Length SSC CGL Previous Years Solved Papers 

Arihant and Kiran, both provide a large number of solved papers. These are full length papers organized year wise.

Solved Papers SSC CGL Combined Graduate Level Pre Examination Tier-I by Arihant (2010-2015)
Kiran’s SSC CGL combined Graduate Level Exams Question Bank 1999-2014
SSC CGL 50 Practice Papers Combined Graduate Level Tier-I Examination

SSC CGL exam Solved Papers (section-wise)

Kiran's Publication its selling previous year question papers books for each section separately. 

Any student who want a lot of questions of a particular subject in one place that came in previous SSC CGL exams. I recommend you that you should read the book completely so you can understand the type of questions used to ask in SSC CGL exam.

These books have all the questions which asked in SSC CGL exam from 1997 till date. So it may happen that you come across the same question in your exam that was asked in previous year exam.

So here is the list and links given below so you can buy these books from Amazon.

For Quantitative AptitudeSSC Mathematics Chapterwise Solved Papers 1999 – Till Date by Kiran PrakashanLinkBuy
For English SectionSSC English Language Chapterwise Solved Papers 1997-Till Date by Kiran PrakashanLinkBuy
For General AwarenessSSC General Awareness Chapterwise Solved Papers 1997 – Till Date by Kiran Prakashan
For General Intelligence & ReasoningSSC Reasoning Chapterwise Solved Papers 1999 – Till Date by Kiran Prakashan

  • Best books for SSC-CGL exam according to Tiers-

If you want books for a specific tier then read the post below. some books are common because of the dividing criteria.
note- If you are looking for books for tier-2, then you should check out tier-1 books also because we have given the list of books for tier-2 with the assumption that you have completed books given for tier-1 in this post.

Best books for SSC-CGL exam Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 download free.

1.Best books for SSC CGL Tier 1.

tier-1 is the first step to SSC CGL exam and if you are doing hard work which time then it will be easy for you in tier-2. Because the books recommended for tier-2 is the advanced versions of books used in the tier-one. So I can not going to ride along post about SSC CGL exam pattern so just check the best SSC CGL books for Tier 1. 

SubjectsBooksPDF Amazon 
  • Arihant’s Fast Track Objective Arithmetic
  • Magical book on Quicker maths by M Tyra. 
  • Quantitative Aptitude by RS Aggarwal
  • Objective General English by S P Bakshi (Arihant)
  • Objective general English by RS Aggarwal
  • Analytical Reasoning by M K Pandey
  • Verbal and nonverbal reasoning by RS Aggarwal
General Awareness
  • Manorama Yearbook 2016 

Previous Years Solved Papers
  • Kiran's previous year solved papers from 1997 till date
  • Arihant’s SSC CGL Solved Papers (2010-2015)


2.Best books for SSC CGL Tier 2. 

If you are good in maths and English then it is best for you now because reasoning and GS is not there. so i advice you to solve tough questions because  tough competition leads examiner to form twisted question.

you are not going to get simple and straight question so keep this thing in mind. Well you will have to upgrade your level in quantitative section and English.  

SectionBooksPDF Amazon 
Math/QuantQuantum Cat by Sarvesh Verma
Advanced Maths by Rakesh Yadav
EnglishObjective General English by S P Bakshi (Arihant)PDFBuy
ReasoningAnalytical Reasoning by M K Pandey
General Awareness/GKManorama Yearbook 2016
Lucent's GK

Previous Years Solved PapersKirans’s SSC CGL Solved Papers (1997-2015)

3.Best books for SSC CGL Tier 3.

According to newly introduced pattern for SSC CGL, tier-3 has been added this year you have to read essays, letter writing and precis and because of lack of experience we can't say which book is best for these topics for SSC CGL exam. but one thing we can do is to suggest you books suggested by UPSC toppers. 

1. Letter writing books.

  • A handbook for letter writing

click here to buy from. Amazon.

  • Adhunik Patra lekhan

 click here to buy from Amazon.

2. Essay writing books.

3. Precis writing books.

4. All in one books for letter writing, essay writing, precis writing.

Final Words

I have collected these books list for SSC CGL exam according to teachers, knowledge and experience. So it may happen that you would not agree at some point. if this occur, then please let me know. your thoughts are welcomed.
In case you have any suggestions or queries – let me know in the comments section below.

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